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Our Work


In Tanzania, we work to foster the financial inclusion of producer groups supported by the marketing infrastructure and system component of MIVARF (Marketing Infrastructure Value Addition and Rural Finance Project). Specifically, we are promoting access to financial services through savings accounts, as a first step towards using other services. For this, we have co-created financial education materials to foster demand for savings accounts among the rural poor.


We have combined extensive qualitative research, focus groups discussions and a verification workshop to develop 10 one-hour sessions and supporting illustrations. These materials were tested, iterated and finally presented during a Training of Trainers (ToT) event which took place in May 2017.


In parallel, an alternative technology based delivery channel has been developed. After collecting feedback from MIVARF participants on illustration and content, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) of an Android application has been developed for smartphones and tablets. During the ToT events, two tablets were shared with trainers and participants to collect their initial reactions. The response was positive especially from family members who were able to use the tablet-based self-learning tool in their homes.



In Mozambique, we have provided support to the IFAD funded project ProPesca in strengthening financial knowledge and ultimately linking members of fishing communities to formal financial institutions. This included the reinforcement of the capabilities of the staff at the Propesca project to support and monitoring the savings groups methodology, as well as the development of Financial education content and the Training of Trainers to extension agents of the Provincial Delegation on the Financial Education content.


  • Workshops in Personal Finance to IDEPA and Provincial Delegation staff (over 50 participants have been trained); Workshops on Savings and the role of savings groups to IDEPA staff (total of 20 participants trained)
  • Development of Financial Education content: flipbook and trainers’ guide, exercises and games (paper-based tools)
  • Training of trainers to extension agents of the Provincial Delegation on the Financial Education content: training skills and content of the different tools (total of 11 people trained – 7 from the districts and 4 from Maputo)
  • Support to the test phase during which the trainers will deliver the Financial Education content in 10 sessions, 2 sessions per topic, which will last 15-30 minutes each (total number of beneficiaries is expected to be 600, though the estimation of members of the savings groups and fishing centres in the region is over 2,500 people).



In The Gambia, the CPM requested support from the Outreach Project to strengthen the capacities of local institutions key for financial inclusion.


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We work to reinforce IFAD’s policy dialogues in Africa, by promoting the exchange of knowledge, experiences and best practices between governments of LAC and Africa, and supporting the efforts of selected African governments to improve their financial inclusion and social protection programs, leveraging the lessons we learnt from the experience in latin American countries.


Support to governments:

Tanzania – TASAF

Mozambique – INAS


South-South knowledge exchange:

– “Strengthening Livelihoods Workshop” in Maputo, Mozambique.

Workshop on Rural Financial Inclusion and Social Protection in East Africa. Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


We know that building strategic alliances is key in enhancing financial inclusion and graduation-led social protection programs at national level. Some of the partners we’ve worked with along the way are:


  • Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Amplifier Strategies
  • IFAD
  • Skoll Foundation
  • Swift
  • United Nations Foundation
  • Irish Aid

We have developed and shared an in-depth review of the state of financial inclusion in Tanzania, field research findings, curriculum design and financial education materials with MIVARF staff. We’ve also published a blog post on Next Billion called, “An MVP for Africa: Adapting Poverty Solutions to New Continents and Contexts.


In September 2016, the Head of Operations – Tanzania presented at the SEEP Network Annual Conference with the theme: Expanding and Deepening Financial Inclusion. The session was called “Innovations in Digital Financial Inclusion and Financial Capability Building for Savings Groups”and featured three leaders from CARE, Financial Sector Deepening Kenya, and Fundacion Capital. We shared results from Fundacion Capital’s groundbreaking approach to providing digital training to groups in Latin America and East Africa. In March 2017, FundaK presented its methodology for designing client education programs at a UNCDF regional workshop in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


In Mozambique, we are in the process of documenting our experience in the field, taking photographs and videos of interactions with beneficiaries and government staff.


a) Pre- and post-delivery evaluation by an independent research agency is now in progress,


which aims to compare control/treated groups in order to understand differences in knowledge, attitude and (self-reported) practice


b) Video footage and photographs are being archived.



Eight blog posts were published on activities in Tanzania:




Another three blog posts were published on activities in Mozambique:




Plus a recent one published by IFAD: